Passover brisket ( revisited)

It’s the night before the first Passover Seder, and I am making the recipe for Miriam’s Brisket to bring to my friends Ayelet and Rami tomorrow. It’s simple, but tried and true. Good Pesach!

Upside-down cookbook.

My children have always been very different from one another. One is Mr. Social, happiest when with a crowd of friends; the other is perfectly content to spend the day alone with a book–and Facebook. To my daughter, schoolwork has always come too easily; my son does well in school but works hard for his grades. As a kindergartner, he proudly wore the title “Class Clown,” the other one is known for her perfect attendance record. When it comes to dinner, the dichotomies continue: one likes tacos, the other burritos (beans, cheese, sour cream ONLY). One likes sausage and peppers, the other fettucine alfredo. You can generally find me preparing a minimum of two options nightly, although they do agree that macaroni and cheese is only acceptable in two versions: Kraft macaroni and cheese and homemade (I’ll post this recipe soon).

Where it really gets ugly is the subject of pot roast…

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