Real food?


I cook dinner almost every night. Pretty much from scratch. At this very moment, I am making grilled steak tips, cheesy Italian “fries,” fried peppers, and (frozen) peas. You try to find fresh peas in October.

Anyway I say this not to sound like some rabid super-mom, but as someone who–probably like you–is just trying to get decent nutrition into my kids once a day. Forget breakfast: they either don’t eat it or they serve themselves really awful cereal and milk or toast and jam to go. But the absolute worst, I know, is the school lunch they are going to eat because I do not have my stuff together to make a decent bag lunch. A microwave in the lunchroom would help, but many of the classrooms don’t have operable windows or, god forbid, air conditioning, so we can’t expect miracles.

So, even though I try to hold the line at home, I still find things like soda (only on occasion), potato chips (personal weakness), and–horrors–cocoa krispies in my shopping cart.

Will it kill them? I’m hoping one homecooked meal a day will compensate.


2 thoughts on “Real food?

  1. I feel the same. I do my best to keep my baby healthy, but sometimes it is just easier to pick the “healthiest” processed food. Guilt eats me alive about it… I hope that healthful dinners compensate.

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